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Live Queen Ants and Ant Colonies

Our store has a wide selection of live ants specifically for Ant Farms and Habitats. Additionally, we offer a variety of Ants products such as Food, Sand and Substrates, Accessories and Equipment and other related items to enhance your ant-keeping experience.

What are the Best Ants to keep for beginners UK?

We recommend Lasius Niger Common Black Ant, Lasius Flavus Yellow Meadow Ant, Myrmica Rubra Red Fire Ant and Messor Barbarus. Black Ants and Red Ants are native to the UK.

Best Selling Ant Starter Kits

Our Ant Starter Kits include everything you need to get started, including a sturdy and spacious ant farm, a supply of high-quality food, and of course, a selection of some of the best live ant species available in the UK.

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