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Myrmica Rubra Red Fire Ant

Myrmica Rubra Red Fire Ant


We are raising our colonies from a queen ourselves.

We provide you with healthy and fertile queen ants.

We guarantee live queen arrival.


Myrmica Rubra, also known as the European Red Fire Ant, is a fascinating ant species that makes a great addition to any ant farm. These ants are tough and well-fortified, making their colony incredibly resilient. They are active and a bit aggressive, making them an exciting species to observe. While they can sting when they feel threatened, their low-maintenance needs make them an easy pet to care for. Myrmica Rubra prefers nests that are highly moistened, so providing them with a damp environment will keep them happy and healthy.


An article you must read before you step into ant keeping:

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Please download the Care Sheet for the Lasius Flavus HERE


We post Royal Mail First Class ONLY.


Guarantee: The queen is guaranteed to be alive on arrival.


In case your queen is DOA please message us.


These ants are native to the UK so if you do not want to keep and care for them anymore please do release them into the wild.


Thank you

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