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Plaster Substrate Humidity Layer for Ant Farm Kit

Plaster Substrate Humidity Layer for Ant Farm Kit


Are you looking to create the perfect ant farm for your ants? The Ant Farm Plaster Substrate for the bottom (first) Humidity Layer is designed to create the perfect environment for your ant colony. The plaster substrate is specially formulated to retain moisture, providing the necessary humidity levels for your ants to thrive. This layer is easy to set up and maintain, making it a convenient addition to any ant farm setup. It helps create a naturalistic habitat for your ants, promoting their overall health and well-being. With the Ant Farm Plaster Substrate Humidity Layer, you can ensure that your ants have the ideal living conditions for a successful and thriving colony. 

Suitable for all ants and the perfect option for our Ant Outworld Arenas:  Ant Farm Kit Formicarium Outworld.


The Ant Farm Plaster Substrate is suitable for a bottom humidity layer but not for use as a top layer. It contains calcium carbonate. It's safe for humans, most toothpaste contains it, but ants hate it. Please watch the video instructions before use.

Weight:Small - 40 gr. (approx.) Perfect for the small outworld

Medium - 120 gr. (approx.) Perfect for the medium outworld

Large - 220 gr. (approx.) Perfect for the large outworld

We recommend getting the Mini LCD Digital Temperature Humidity Meter and keeping an eye on the correct Ant Farm conditions.

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