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Now with a better and improved design made of Birch plywood, the "Anthony" Ant Farm Starter Kit Live Queen Ants Nest Large with Plaster and Smart Meter provides the best handmade ecological environment for your pet ants. An amazing birthday gift for any ant keeper. Suitable for home or school education.


How to set up your new ant farm and useful tips?

Find the detailed instruction manual HERE


Fully upgraded A4 hybrid nest based on the old wooden nests we’ve been selling for 10 years until 2017, the new one comes with plastic internal ant chambers, upgraded humidity and temperature meter with BlueTooth connectivity, a bigger Greek sponge area and plaster of Paris bedding for better humidity performance. The wooden parts are treated with nano gel to be waterproofed. 

Optional the nest’s lid could be engraved for a birthday or any other occasion message.

Removable clear lid for easy nest cleaning if necessary which is a standard for all of our products now. The best possible Ant Farm for either school or home education.


The heating mat is built in with a lifetime warranty and the nest comes with a digital thermostat which has three temperature options and a 5V 2A power adapter included along with all other accessories needed for attaching to an outworld and an ants’ test tube (standard 16mm diameter). 


Video instructions here: KB Ants on YouTube

The A4 Wooden Ant Nest with Humidity and Temperature Meter is formed by an acrylic cover and a wooden box made of birch plywood. The insert is made of hard plastic, covered with 1-8mm Plaster of Paris and then stained to look like a natural ant's world. The Anthony Hybrid Ant Nest could be connected to any other of our products via a flexible tube (also included). Please make sure you are keeping your ants in the correct humidity.


The connection between the nest itself and the humidity area is secured with stainless steel mesh.

Exits are 12mm OD (10mm ID) and could be connected easily with any standard 12mm OD test tube.

It can be easily connected to a water station (also included) or any of our other products.


Please note that due to the natural materials used, imperfections and knots in the nest's surface may be present. Please see the pictures carefully.


Anthony Hybrid Ant Setup with Plaster and Smart Meter Size A4 contains: 
- 1x Anthony Hybrid Ant Nest with Humidity and Temperature Meter 265x180x60 mm
- 1x 3mm Red Acrylic Filter
- 1x 4mm Wooden Cover
- 1x Ant Arena Outworld Large 240x200x95mm
- 1 x Magnifying Glass
- 1 x Plastic pipette
- 1 x Connecting kit
- 1 x Water Station+Connector
- 1 x Artificial Plants Set
- 1 x Substrate Bag - approx. 350gr.
- 1 x Honey food (organic)
- 1 x Digital Thermostat Switch
- 1 x 5V 2A transformer
- 1 x 5V Built-in Heating Mat


Please NOTE:  the thermostat and Built-in Heating Mat provide the following temperatures inside the nest:

- Low indicator light:          1.5 to 2.5 degrees Celsius higher than the ambient temperature

- Middle indicator light:      2.8 to 3.7 degrees Celsius higher than the ambient temperature

- High indicator light:         5.2 to 7.2 degrees Celsius higher than the ambient temperature


Good to know:
Before you connect the ant's test tube you should water the nest with mineral (bottled) water only
(the watering hole is where the yellow Greek sponge is).
Tap water may cause fungus to appear. Fungus is deadly to most ant species.
Fill the water test tube with mineral water, then put the cotton on so it’s well sucked with water and connect it to the outworld.
Connect the nest to the outworld. Leave the whole setup like so for a day at least (2-3 days is recommended).
Then remove the cotton ball out of the queen's test tube and connect it to the nest carefully using the queen connection kit provided.
Wrap the ant’s test tube with tinfoil and leave it there for the first 10-14 days and after that start to slide it out just 1-2mm every day.  
Please be patient, your ants won’t move into the nest if they are not ready.
Your ant setup must be kept in a no-vibrations place (away from daily household activity) at room temperature.
The red acrylic filter must stay on top of the nest all the time,
you can remove it once a week for 2-3 minutes to have a better look at your colony.
The same rule applies to the black acrylic cover. Placed on top all the time.
You can remove it for 5-10 minutes daily and enjoy your queen ant with the red filter.

Colonies failed due to a lack of fresh water supply, lack of food, and mostly due to a stressed-out queen.

Do not water the substrate inside the outworld at all. Feed your ants into the outworld ONLY.

Don’t expose your ants to direct sunlight or any heat/light source (lamps/bulbs) trying to move them inside the nest quicker or you may harm your queen ant.


Happy "anting" :)


Thank you


Anthony Ant Farm Starter Kit Live Queen Ants Nest Large

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