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Camponotus Nicobarensis are Asian species, suitable for beginners and popular as they are very fast-growing.


You will receive Camponotus Nicobarensis Queen Ant with workers (depending on your selection) in a test tube setup


Guarantee: The queen is guaranteed to be alive on arrival.


Latin Name: Camponotus nicobarensis

Subfamily: Formicinae

Tribe: Camponotini

Keeping Level: (1) easy to keep with higher requirements towards climate

Distribution: Southern Asia

Habitat: Semi desert, savanna

Colony form: monogyne

Queen: Size: 15 - 16mm Colour: redbrown to darkred-brown (dependent on the origin), bulky thorax Worker: Size: 6 - 12mm Colour: redbrown to brown (dependent on the origin)

Soldier: not present

Males: Size: 10mm Colour: black

Nutrition Honeywater, insects e.g. Dipterans like flies, mosquitos, crickets; also fruits

Air humidity: Arena: 30 - 50% Nestpart: 50 - 70%

Temperature: Arena: 21 - 35°C Nestpart: 24 - 28°C

Hibernation: no

Nest form: Build their nest in hollow bricks, wood, bamboo

Kind of Formicaria: Plaster nest, Ytong, PLA with sand or plaster bed

Formicaria size: Size: M - L

Substrate: Farm: Sand or Plaster

Arena: Sand, Sand-Loam

Planting: similar to semi-desert and meadows with moss and grass

Decoration: Branches, roots, leave litter

Description: Camponotus Nicobarensis is an active but mostly nocturnal ant. They show a fast brood development and high range towards climate conditions.

Development: mating flight: May to June

Founding: claustral (without feeding) Brood development: 28 days ( depending on temperature) Colony size: up to a few hundred Individuals, Queen can become 25 years




Shipping Restrictions: We do not ship live specimens outside of Europe.


These ants are not native to the UK and is therefore illegal to release them into the wild.


Please contact us if you no longer wish to keep them and we will email you a prepaid postage label so you can send them back to us.


Any questions, please let us know.


Thank you

Camponotus Nicobarensis

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