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Camponotus Turkestanus (Fedtschenkoi previously)  Live Queen Ant (see available options)

Guarantee: Queen is guaranteed to be alive on arrival.


Latin Name: Camponotus Turkestanus (Fedtschenkoi previously)

Keeping Level: (1) easy to keep but higher requirements towards escape prevention

Distribution: Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Northwestchina

Habitat: Steppe, semi-desert

Colony form: monogyne

Queen: Size:12mm Colour: Legs yellow, head and thorax black, gaster yellow to yellowish black Worker: Size: 6 - 12mm Colour: yellow, majors with black head and black gaster tip

Soldier: not present

Males: Size: 8mm

Nutrition: Honey, insects e.g. Dipterans like flies or mosquitos

Air humidity: Arena: 30 - 50% Nestpart: 50 - 70%

Temperature: Arena: 18 - 35°C Nestpart: 24 - 28°C

Nest form: Build their nest in soil, under stones

Kind of Formicaria: Plaster nest, PLA with sand bed,

Formicaria size: Size: M - L

Substrate: Farm: Sand-Loam Arena: Sand, Sand-Loam

Planting: similar to semi-desert with grass and other dry adapted plants

Decoration: Branches, roots, stones

Description: Camponotus Turkestanus is a gorgeous coloured ant from continental Asia.

It shows high variability in colouration. So a worker could be completely yellow or even with some black parts.

Please note that due to shipping stress queen may eat her eggs.

Keep treating her well and she will lay another batch of eggs soon (could take up to 2 months). Founding: claustral (without feeding)

Quantity: One fertilized queen with egg/eggs (see options). Brood (depending on the season and development)


Shipping Restrictions: We do not ship live specimens outside of Europe.

These ants are not native to the UK and are therefore illegal to release into the wild.

Please contact us if you no longer wish to keep them and we will email you a prepaid postage label so you can send them back to us.


Any questions, please let us know.


Thank you

Camponotus Turkestanus

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