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Antkeepers, we are Introducing our Live Queen Ant Food Organic and mites-free Harvester Messor Ants Seeds! These seeds are specifically sourced and mixed to provide your queen ant and her babies with the necessary nutrients they need to produce healthy offspring. Our harvester ants are 100% organic and are carefully harvested to ensure their quality and freshness. These seeds are a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals that will help your ant colony thrive. Give your queen ant the best possible nutrition with our Live Queen Ant Food Organic Harvester Ants Seeds. 


Our Harvester Ants Ant Food is a perfect blend of 17 different organic mite-free seeds that fulfil the dietary needs of your ants. Suitable for any Harvester Ants such as Messor Barbarus, Messor Capitatus, Messor Aciculatus and many more. A must-have for harvester ants antkeeping.

Live Queen Ant Food Organic Harvester Messor Ants Seeds

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