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Latin Name:   Oecophylla Smaragdina
Trivialname:   Red Tree Ant, Weaverant
Taxonomy:   Subfamily: Formicinae Tribe: Oecophyllini
Keeping Level:   (2) higher requirements towards climate and escape prevention
Distribution:   Southeast Asia
Habitat:   tropical rainforest
Colonyform:   monogyne
Queen:   Size: 15 - 17mm Colour: vigorous, often green, brown 
Worker:   Size: 6 - 14mm Colour: reddish-brown to brown, slim with long extremities
Soldier:   not present
Males:   Size: - Colour: -
Nutrition   Honey, Insects e.g. Dipterans like Flies or Mosquitos
Airhumidity:   Arena: 30 - 50% Nestpart: 50 - 70%
Temperature:   Arena: 21 - 35°C Nestpart: 24 - 28°C
Hibernation:   no
Nestform:   Build their nest in the canopy of trees using the silk of their offspring
Kind of Formicaria:   Basin, Framebasin, Island, Acrylcylinder
Formicaria size:   Size: L - XL depending on the chosen hostplant
Substrate:   Farm: - Arena: Sand, Sand-Loam suitable for Hostplant

similar to tropical forest with moss and e. g. Money tree (Pachira Aquatica),

Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamin), Coffee (Coffea arabica), Citrusplant (Citrus)

Decoration:   Branches, Roots

This species lives in the canopy of different Plants.

There they build nests with the silk of the larvae.

The worker often builds long chains between

the leaves and "weave" with the silk.

Through the Transpiration of the leaves, there is always

the right conditions inside the nest.

Oecophylla is very aggressive and defends its territory against any Intruder.

In Asia, they were used as biological agents for hundreds of years.

They are searching for on the tree and on the ground.
Together with the leaf-cutter ants, they show one of the most complex communication systems in all social insects.

It contains pheromones, tactile and optical communication.

If there a lack of food or other unsuitable conditions they often try to escape.

Large colonies with there hundreds of bites and frmic acid can also defend large Intruders( Keeper).

Development:   matingflight: with begin of the rainseason
founding:  claustral (without feeding)
colonysize: up to 100 000 Individuals
Quantity:   one fertilized queen with workers (see selection); brood (depending on the season and development)
Weblinks:   https://www.antwiki.org/wiki/Oecophylla_smaragdina

Oecophylla Smaragdina Queen Ant Live Queen Ant Best Ants UK

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