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Temnothorax nylanderi acorn ants care

Welcome to our Ant shop, where we offer the European species of Acorn Ants, Temnothorax nylanderi - very small and interesting ants. These ants require a nest temperature of 22-26°C and a humidity level of 60-70%. They hibernate from the end of October to the end of March at 7-11°C. Their diet consists of water (at all times), carbohydrates like honey and protein like fresh-killed insects or even better, our Protein Jelly booster. The colony form is mainly Monogyne. Get your own Temnothorax nylanderi ants today and experience the wonder of these fascinating creatures.

Queen size: 3,5 - 4,7 mm, colour: yellow to yellowish brown, gaster dark brown. Workers' size: 2,3 - 3,5 mm.


Very peaceful ants and they avoid conflicts with other ants so they must be kept their formicarium. Not suitable for multi-colony ant farms.


It's essential to mimic their natural habitat as they live on the ground in nature along with the temperature changes overnight.


Hibernation: Temnothorax nylanderi (Acorn Ants) ants are resistant to cold so you can keep them outdoors, inside the garden shed or garage during the winter.

Temnothorax nylanderi (Acorn Ants)

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