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Tips For Beginners

Read our helpful tips for those who are new to the ants' world.

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Everything You Need is:

  • Ant colony

  • Nest

  • Outworld

  • Accessories (tweezers, pipette, PTFE prevents escaping ants (optional)).

  • Food

  • Patience

Size of Your Farm

Choose a small (A7 size) or medium (A6 size) farm depending on your ant colony size and ants' size. In confined spaces, ant colonies increase in size more quickly. once your ant colony grows and needs more space, you can easily attach another nest.

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Choose Farm with Meter

Humidity will remind you if it is time to pour mineral water into the watering hole within the nest. Check what humidity is necessary for your chosen ants. There should be always water in the water station attached to your outworld.

The temperature will tell you if the place you have chosen for your ants is suitable for their well-being.

Place for Your Farm

Choose the right place for your ant farm. It should NOT be close to any radio or other heaters in your house. Avoid places with vibration for example unstable and wobbling furniture, places that can be reached by your little one's hands (tip by personal experience).

Keep the Substrate Dry in the Outworld

Ants are prone to digging and hiding away from disturbance. Wet sand is perfect for those two activities that's why it is good to keep the sand dry in the outworld and not to disturb their nest very often by opening the covers.

Do Not Disturb the Ants Very Often

The growth of ants might stop if they are exposed to stress coming from disturbance. You should reduce the times when you open the nest's covers.

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