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Ants Adoption - Unwanted Queen Ant

Oh no! This is unfortunate.

We understand, we truly do! Sometimes we are unable to care for our pets anymore and, as painful as it is, we need to find them new homes. We have been giving well-established ant colonies to dear ant fellows and local zoos for years.


Regardless of what you choose to do, PLEASE do not let your colony out into the wild and, for the love of ants, do not eliminate them. Releasing them is illegal in the case of non-native species! But it is much more destructive than that - the introduction of an unexpected species to the environment can throw off the balance of nature, and cause tremendous damage to the surrounding areas.


Likewise, we do not recommend releasing native species either, as they are accustomed to the secure conditions and food you provide, and may not be able to survive in the wild. There is no need for this.


If you have a colony purchased from us, you can send it back and we will find it a new home (after the 14-day quarantine period), or keep it for our store. However, we cannot purchase it back from you, and anything that it comes with becomes ours. This said we cannot return any nests, containers or outworlds to you and we will recycle them accordingly.


Colonies not purchased from us can also be taken in, although we cannot buy them, you can email us and we will do our best to help you with adoption. As aforementioned, any items sent with the colony cannot be returned and you will be responsible for the shipping fees.


If you need further assistance, contact us and we will get back to you for more information if needed.

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Ant Farms for Kids

Our Ant Farms made for Kids with live ants include everything necessary to start and dive into the ants' world. Every Ant Habitat is sold with Queen Ant and workers of Lasius Niger (Black Garden Ant Colony) or Messor Barbarus (Black Harvester Ant Colony) one of the easiest ant species to raise.

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