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Ant Substrates

We are so excited to talk about ant substrate, whether it's an ant sand, sand-loam, plaster or soil substrates! It is the perfect material, or frankly speaking - a combination of a few substrates, expertly selected over more than 20 years of antkeeping tests and observation to create a comfortable and natural habitat for ants. The very best Ant Substrate is a sand-loam base mixture (ant sand-40% and loam soil-60%), with added organic clay for retaining moisture plus the nest's structure sturdiness and natural fibres for nutrient enrichment and natural aeration.

What Are The Easiest Live Queen Ants Colonies For a Beginner Ant Keeper?

Beginner-friendly species are Lasius Niger - Black Garden Ants, Lasius Flavus - Yellow Meadow Ants, Myrmica Rubra - Red Fire Ants and Messor Barbarus - Common Black Harvester Ants. Lasius species are native to the UK. We'll recommend getting the Messor Barbarus ant colony. Their queen ant is way bigger and more interesting, also, they have major and super-major workers along with the normal-sized ones and their main food is seeds.

Our Ant Keeping Essentials

We offer a variety of ant essentials, including accessories to make your ant-keeping experience more enjoyable. Our ant accessories range from artificial plants and water tubes to ant farms and habitats, Ant Food, PTFE Fluon Escape Prevention and more.

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