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Ant Farms for Kids

Our Ant Farms made for Kids with live ants include everything necessary to start and dive into the ants' world. Every Ant Habitat is sold with Queen Ant and workers of Lasius Niger (Black Garden Ant Colony) or Messor Barbarus (Black Harvester Ant Colony) one of the easiest ant species to raise.

What Are The Easiest Live Queen Ants and Ant Colonies For a Beginner Ant Keeper?

Beginner-friendly species are Lasius Niger - Black Garden Ants, Lasius Flavus - Yellow Meadow Ants, Myrmica Rubra - Red Fire Ants and Messor Barbarus - Common Black Harvester Ants. Lasius species are native to the UK.

Ant Keeping Guide - Live Queen Ants Care 

How to look after a Lasius Niger (Black Ant), Lasius Flavus (Yellow Meadow Ant), Myrmica Rubra (Red Ant) or Messor Barbarus (Harvester Ants Care)? Find everything you need to know about the common ants for beginners on the most expensive ant species on the planet on our Blog page - the ultimate resource for ant enthusiasts!

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