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Ant Farm for Beginners Temnothorax nylanderi Acorn Ants for sale UK

The Ant Farm for Beginners with a Temnothorax nylanderi Acorn Ants Colony - the perfect Ant Farm kit for anyone looking to explore the fascinating world of ants. This beginner-friendly ant farm comes complete with everything you need to start your ant keeping journey, including a habitat, substrate, food and accessories plus a thriving colony of Temnothorax nylanderi - Acorn Ants. The clear habitat provides a 360-degree view of the ants as they raise their brood, making it a fascinating and educational experience for all ages. With easy setup and maintenance, this Ant Farm is the ideal choice for first-time ant enthusiasts. Bring the wonder of the natural world into your home with our Ant Farm for Beginners with Temnothorax nylanderi Acorn Ants Colony.


How to set up your new ant farm and useful tips?

Find the detailed instruction manual Click HERE


The Temnothorax Ant Farm includes:


By buying the Temnothorax nylanderi Acorn Ants Ant Farm for Beginners, you save 15% of the original price.


Enjoy the antkeeping hobby, Anties!

Ant Farm for Beginners Temnothorax nylanderi Acorn Ants

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