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Ant Farm Kits and Ants Nests

Ant farms have long been a source of fascination and provide an excellent educational tool for both children and adult antkeepers. These miniature ecosystems offer a unique glimpse into the intricate world of ants, their complex tunnels, and their industrious society. Our Top-Quality range of Antkeeping Ant Farms with Ants includes everything necessary to start and dive into the ants' world. Every Ant Habitat is sold with Queen Ant with workers of Lasius Niger (Black Garden Ant Colony) or Messor Barbarus (Black Harvester Ant Colony) one of the easiest ant species to raise.

Do I need a queen ant for my ant farm?

Yes, an ant colony without a queen won't last long. For a successful antkeeping, a Queen Ant is a must. If you're a beginner antkeeper looking to discover the world of ant-keeping, it's important to choose the correct species that are suitable for antkeeping in the UK. Suitable ants are Lasius Niger - Black Garden Ants, Lasius Flavus - Yellow Meadow Ants, Myrmica Rubra - Red Fire Ants and Messor Barbarus - Common Black Harvester Ants. Lasius species are native to the UK.

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