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tetramorium bicarinatum queen ant with worker ants care

Super aggressive ants. Very fast-growing species. This Tetramorium bicarinatum Queen Ant Colony is the perfect addition to any ant lover's collection. Each colony has a healthy, mated queen and a group of worker ants ready to build their nest and start their colony. These ants are known for their strong work ethic and ability to thrive in various environments, making them a fascinating species to observe. With proper care and maintenance, this colony has the potential to grow into a thriving ant community, providing endless hours of entertainment for ant enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned ant keeper or new to the hobby, this Tetramorium bicarinatum Queen Ant Colony will surely be a unique and rewarding addition to your collection. A delight to the eye. Suitable for beginners.


Polygyny ant species (Multiple Queen per colony).

The queen and worker ants' size is similar to fire ants.

Queen is around 5-6mm and workers around 4-5mm.

The Queen's lifespan is around 6 years but nothing to worry about as these ants are inbreeding - meaning they will reproduce more queens over time.

This ant species colony's lifespan is endless!

Ant Farm requirements:

Air humidity: outworld: 40 - 50% and in the nest: 65 - 75%;

Temperature: outworld: overnight - 24 and maximum daily temperature 28°C. In the nest area: 24 - 28°C.

Another good news for all antkeepers - Tetramorium bicarinatum does not require hibernation.

Development: egg to adult ant - around 30 days if the temperature in the nest is 26 degrees Celsius.

Feeding: These ants require lots of food, live food (locusts, crickets, mealworms etc.) or protein jelly and tons of carbohydrates (organic honey).

Ant escape prevention PTFE Fluon is a must!

Suitable Ant Farm: Ant Farm Kit A7 Plus or Ant Farm Kit A5 PLA


Tetramorium bicarinatum Queen Ant Colony

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