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Ant Farm A5 PLA sand Beginner Ant Setup Best Ants UK

This Ant Farm Kit A5 PLA Complete Nest Setup Live Queen Ant from our collection Large Ant Farm provides the best handmade ecological environment for your pet ants. The best Ant Farm Kit for school and home education.


How to set up your new ant farm and useful tips?

Find the detailed instruction manual HERE

Please kindly check the “KB ANTS” YouTube review on the link below:


Options with ant colonies include a queen ant and 10-15 workers.

Please find a Care Sheet for your new ant colony here:


Valid for the raise of ants, with a queen. Natural and Ecological Arena. Observe how they live and look after their eggs.


A5 PLA Ant Nest with Sand Bed Beginner Ant Setup contains:

- 1x A5 PLA Hybrid Nest with sand bed - 180x130x28mm

- 1x Ant Arena Outworld small 98x78x95 mm

- 1x Magnifying Glass

- 1x Plastic pipette

- 1x Connecting Kit

- 1x 15ml Honey (Food)

- 1x Test tube (Water Station) + Connector

- 1x Substrate Bag (approx. 200g)

- 1x Artificial Plants Set


Please make sure you are keeping your ants in the correct temperature and humidity.

Ant Farm Kit A5 PLA Complete Nest Setup Live Queen Ant

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