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The image features a group of Camponotus Nicobarensis ants gathered in an ant farm best ants UK

Introducing the Camponotus Nicobarensis - Carpenter Ant, a fascinating species from Asia that will captivate both beginners and enthusiasts. These ants are renowned for their rapid growth, making them a popular choice among ant keepers. Found nesting in rotten wood trunks, these ants are known as carpenter ants.

With their easy maintenance and higher climate requirements, these Camponotus Nicobarensis ants are a delight to care for. They come in two variations: Monogyne, with a single queen per colony, or Polygyne, with multiple queens depending on their origin.

The queens are fully claustral (do not require food until first workers hatch), ranging from 15 to 16mm in size, have a robust thorax and can live up to an astonishing 25 years. The workers display polymorphism, with sizes ranging from 6 to 12mm. They share the same reddish-brown colour as the queen. All exotic (Asian) Carpenter queens lay eggs in batches, from 3 to 12 eggs. Development time is between 4 and 6 weeks, depending on the ant nest's temperature. The warmer the faster. If you keep your ant nest at 28°C then you can expect egg to adult worker developing time of 28 days!

Feeding these ants is a breeze! They thrive on honey, various insects like fruit flies and crickets, as well as fruits. You can also treat them with Protein Jelly, a nutritious substitute for live food.

Maintaining humidity levels of 30-50% in the outworld and 60-70% in the nest area ensures optimal conditions for these ants. Temperature-wise, keep the outworld between 21°C to 35°C and the nest area between 24°C to 28°C.

And here's the best part - these Camponotus Nicobarensis ants don't hibernate! Making them an excellent choice for beginners looking for low-maintenance pets.

Experience the wonder of these exotic queen ants for yourself. Get your very own Camponotus Nicobarensis colony today!


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Please download the Ants' Care Sheet HERE


Guarantee: The queen is guaranteed to be alive on arrival.


These ants are not native to the UK and is therefore illegal to release them into the wild.

Contact us and we'll take care of everything.

Camponotus Nicobarensis - Carpenter Ant

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