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buy Ant Food Protein Jelly online at Best Ants UK

Antkeepers, we are introducing the Ant Food Protein Jelly, a fully upgraded formula. The perfect food for your ant colony! You can now skip the mess and save money spent on live food. Made from high-quality protein sources and vital vitamins and minerals, this jelly provides essential nutrients to keep your ants healthy and active. The jelly is easy to digest and provides a long-lasting source of energy. With a sweet and chocolate taste, your ants will love this delicious treat. Order now and give your ant colony the nutrition boost they need.

How to feed your ants Protein Jelly? Video instructions


We recommend using that product twice a week for a healthy colony.

Pour a small amount (the amount varies on colony size, so start with smaller and increase if necessary)  over a tiny cotton ball and place it into the ant's outworld.


Remove any remains after 2-3 days as it keeps its properties for up to 3 days.


Tested with Lasius, Myrmica, Messor, Pheidole, Camponotus (Carpenter ant), Aphaenogaster, Crematogaster species, Trap Jaw Ants (Odontomachus), Harpegnathos Venator, Weever Ants, Leafcutters and many more.


Essential protein jelly to stimulate your queen and the growth of her babies and adult ants. The queen needs to produce many eggs so our special Protein Jelly will give her a fresh vitality after breeding the first generation of ants and afterwards.



The syringe contains 5ml which lasts for 2-3 months (depending on the ant colony). Please keep it in the fridge. (2-8 °C)


Ant Food Protein Jelly

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