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Are you looking to create the perfect ant farm for your ants? Ant Farm Lava Pebbles Substrate Temperature Layer (heat-retaining) for the bottom (second layer, over the Plaster Substrate layer). Lava Pebbles' Heat-retaining substrate layer is designed to create the perfect environment for your ant colony due to its excellent heat-retaining properties and durability. What does this mean?  Made from natural volcanic red lava pebbles, this substrate layer helps to regulate the temperature within the ant farm, creating a comfortable environment for your colony so once you switch the heating mat on in the morning, the temperature on the ant farm surface will be increased gradually, similar to the ants' natural environment. The same effect will occur in the evening when your heat mat turns off, the temperature will decrease gradually.  The porous nature of the lava pebbles also allows for optimal moisture retention, helping to maintain the right level of humidity for your ants. This lava pebbles temperature layer must be placed under the ants' substrate to provide a stable temperature level for your ant colony.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced antkeeper, our Ant Farm Lava Pebbles Substrate Temperature Layer is an essential addition to your ant habitat.


Suitable for all ants and the perfect option for our Ant Outworld Arenas: Ant Farm Kit Formicarium Outworld.


Please watch the video instructions before use.



Small - 70 gr. (approx.) Perfect for the small outworld

Medium - 240 gr. (approx.) Perfect for the medium outworld

Large - 450 gr. (approx.) Perfect for the large outworld


We recommend getting the Mini LCD Digital Temperature Humidity Meter and keeping an eye on the correct Ant Farm conditions.

Ant Farm Lava Pebbles Substrate Temperature Layer

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