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Ant Farm kit Connection Tube 11mm Best Ant UK buy online

Welcome to our Ant Shop, where we offer the best ant farms and accessories for all Antkeepers. Our Best Ant Farm UK Connection Tube is included in all of our Ant Farms but it does not hurt to get a spare one in addition to your ant farm, allowing you to connect your ant nest to the outworld and customize your setup. Made from durable materials, this connection tube is easy to clean and will provide a safe and secure passage for your ants to explore. The clear design allows easy observation of your ants travelling through the tube. Expand your ant farm and create a unique and engaging environment for your ants, with our Best Ant Farm UK Connection Tube, by drilling an extra 11mm hole into the outworld. Order yours today and rest assured you've got a spare one ready aside. Enjoy your ant-keeping!


Dimensions: 11.1mm x 58mm

Best Ant Farm UK Connection Tube

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