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Queen Ant Test Tube Red Filter Cylinder Acetate 18mm

Suitable for either 16mm or 17mm test tubes.

- What the product is: A Red Crylic Cylinder designed specifically for housing queen ants

- What makes it unique: It has a red filter to provide darkness and privacy for the queen ant, which is essential for her to feel safe and secure.

- It's for Ant Keepers who want to care for their queen ants properly.

- The benefits: This Red Filter Cylinder provides a comfortable and secure environment for the queen ant to lay eggs and establish a colony, which is essential for the growth and health of the ant colony.

Ants are not included.

The image with the Messor Barbarus Ant Colony is for illustration purposes only.


How to set up your live queen ant farm?


Queen Ant Test Tube Red Filter Cylinder Acetate

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