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Are you looking to expand your antkeeping knowledge? Are you looking to raise your first Asian exotic ant colony?  How to provide the ants with a comfortable and natural environment to thrive in? Introducing our Ant Farm Organic Sand Loam Substrate for Exotic Asian Ants, the perfect choice for creating a comfortable environment for your pet ants. Made from 100% organic natural soil, this substrate provides a rich, nutrient-dense environment that mimics the exotic ants' natural habitat. The fine substrate mixture holds moisture effectively, creating a healthy level of humidity for the Asian ants to thrive. The organic composition also promotes natural tunneling behavior, allowing your ants to create intricate and interesting tunnel systems within their habitat. Whether you are a seasoned ant enthusiast or a beginner ant keeper looking to start your Asian ant farm, our Exotic Ants Ant Farm Organic Sand Loam Substrate is the ideal choice for your ant colony's home! All you need in addition is the perfect Ant Outworld Arena: Ant Farm Kit Formicarium Outworld  and Asian Queen Ant with worker ants: Exotic Ant Species


Completely safe and clean, dust-free, mites-free, organic and pH-neutral the sand-loam substrate is easy to use and maintain. Give your Asian ants the best possible home using the Exotic Ants Ant Farm Organic Sand Loam Substrate. Suitable for all Asian (exotic) ant species.


Our Ant Farm Organic Sand Loam Substrate for Exotic Asian Ants is free draining, while the high organic matter helps absorb moisture which ensures that the substrate is suitable for the ants and does not fully dry out even if you forget to moisture it regularly.


Ant Farm Organic Sand Loam Substrate for Exotic Asian Ants contains: Specially Formulated organic mites-free and dust-free Asian Ants substrate, Ant sand, Aquatic compost, CocoTerra coco coir, and Loam granules.


Please watch the video instructions before use.



Small - 100 gr.; 0.125l (approx.) Perfect for the small outworld

Medium - 250 gr.; 0.3l (approx.) Perfect for the medium outworld

Large - 500 gr.; 0.75l (approx.) Perfect for the large outworld


We recommend getting the Mini LCD Digital Temperature Humidity Meter and keeping an eye on the correct Ant Farm conditions.

Ant Farm Organic Sand Loam Substrate Exotic Asian Ants

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