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The Ant Farm Coconut Substrate Layer CocoTerra is the perfect solution for creating a natural and comfortable environment for your ant colony. Made from 100% natural coconut fibre, this substrate layer provides a soft and moisture-absorbent bedding for your ants to thrive in and avoid condensation in the ant formicarium. The CocoTerra coconut substrate also helps to maintain the ideal level of humidity within the ant farm, promoting healthy and active behaviour in your ant colony. Its natural insulation properties ensure that the temperature within the ant farm remains stable, creating a cosy and secure habitat for your ants. Give your ant colony the perfect bedding with our Ant Farm Coconut Substrate Layer CocoTerra and watch them flourish in their new, natural environment. Use the Coconut Substrate (decoration and humidity-retaining layer) for the top (fifth layer, over the Plaster Substrate (humidity absorbing layer), Lava Pebbles (heat-retaining layer), Clay Pebbles ( drainage and aeration layer) and Ant Substrate (organic sand-loam layer). This Ant Farm Coconut Substrate Layer CocoTerra is essential for Asian (exotic) ant species.


Suitable for all ants and the perfect option for our Ant Outworld Arenas: Ant Farm Kit Formicarium Outworld.


Please watch the video instructions before use.



Small bag - 15 gr. (approx.) Perfect for the small outworld

Large bag  - 30 gr. (approx.) Perfect for the medium outworld and large outworld


We recommend getting the Mini LCD Digital Temperature Humidity Meter and keeping an eye on the correct Ant Farm conditions.

Ant Farm Coconut Substrate Layer CocoTerra

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