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Ant Farm Kit with Meter Starter Ant Nest Size A6

Ant Farm Kit with Meter Starter Ant Nest Size A6


The A6 Ant Farm Kit with Meter Starter Ant Nest Live Queen Ant Colony is perfect for those who want to observe their ants' behaviour up close while keeping them happy and healthy.

The included meter ensures that the temperature and humidity levels are always optimal. Made from high-quality materials, this ant farm is built to last and comes with a sleek design that will complement any home or office. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced ant keeper, the A6 Ant Farm with Meter is a must-have for anyone looking to provide their ants with a comfortable and stimulating environment. Order yours today and watch your ants thrive.


How to set up your new ant farm and useful tips?

Find the detailed instruction manual HERE


Options with ant colonies include a queen ant and 10-15 workers. 


Please find a Care Sheet for your new ant colony here:


Video instructions HERE.




- 1x A6 PLA Ant Hybrid Nest with Humidity and Temperature Meter 142x92x27 mm

- 1x 3mm Red Acrylic Filter

- 1x 3mm Black Acrylic Cover

- 1x Ant Arena Outworld small 98x78x95 mm

- 1 x Magnifying Glass

- 1 x Plastic pipette

- 1 x Connecting kit

- 1 x Water Test Tube + Connector

- 1 x Honey food (organic)

- 1x Substrate Bag (approx. 200g)
- 1x Artificial Plants Set

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