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Ant Farm PVC Mesh Divider

Ant Farm PVC Mesh Divider


Introducing our PVC Mesh for Ant Farm! This durable and versatile mesh is perfect for creating a spacious and breathable environment for your ant colony. The PVC material is easy to clean and maintain, and the mesh design allows for excellent drainage and air circulation. Whether you're a seasoned Antkeeper or just starting, this PVC Mesh is a must-have for your natural ant farm setup. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting use. Use the Ant Farm PVC Mesh underneath the top Ant Substrate (organic sand-loam layer) and the bottom drainage, temperature and humidity-retaining layers. This PVC Mesh for Ant Farm is essential for Asian (exotic) ant species.

The grid is 2x2mm. Suitable for all ants and the perfect option for our Ant Outworld Arenas:  Ant Farm Kit Formicarium Outworld.

Please watch the video instructions before use.


Small PVC Mesh - 100mmx210mm (approx.) Perfect for the small outworld and medium outworld

Large PVC Mesh - 210mmx300mm (approx.) Perfect and large outworld

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