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Asian Marauder Ants Carebara Affinis

Asian Marauder Ants Carebara Affinis


Originating in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, this Marauder Ant species is renowned for its fierce nature and rapid growth. They share the same care requirements as Carebara diversa (see below), although they are typically lighter in colour. This species is extremely polymorphic, much like C. Diversa, and there is a striking size difference between a minor worker which is only 2mm and a soldier which reaches 11mm! It is hard to imagine that they even belong to the same species or colony.

Pheidologeton affinis aka Carebara Affinis.Because of their propensity to expand into massive colonies, these unique ants are not a species to be taken lightly. Protein-rich diets and frequent feeding are essential for colony success. Feed them three times a week and remove any remains before the next feeding. Their quick growth phases between brood cycles allow them to grow at such a high rate. Did you know that a young larva can pupate in as little as 8 days?

Find out more everything you need to know about Carebara Diversa and Carebara Affinis on our Blog Page:  The Ultimate Guide to Raising Carebara Diversa Asian Marauder Ants 

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