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Bi-coloured Arboreal ant Tetraponera rufonigra

Bi-coloured Arboreal ant Tetraponera rufonigra


Tetraponera rufonigra, aka the Bi-coloured Arboreal ant, are amazing and unique ants not suitable for a beginner antkeeper! Super aggressive ants attack only live food, the same as Harpegnathos Venator, so bear this in mind and do not feed them dead insects. Remarkably, in several regions of Southeast Asia, like Malaysia, this aggressive type of ant is considered a pest.

With a very strong and painful sting, more potent than a wasp,  and the capacity to travel vertically on surfaces like tree bark, this huge, aggressive arboreal ant, measuring 15–16 mm in length, is well renowned. With a pale orange/brown-red thorax, it mostly features a black head and gaster.

The good part is that these beasts do not require hibernation and are active all year.

Polygyne ants: The colony may have more than one queen, and every colony has about 10-12 queens on average. The queen's size is 12 to 15 mm and the workers are 10 to 12 mm. Queen's lifespan is around 2 years. Your best shot regarding the best habitat for these creatures is a natural ant farm—keeping them between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius in the nest and 21-30 in the outworld. Regarding the humidity, you must maintain it around 60-70% in the outworld and 70-80% in the nest.

Diet, feed them sugars and tiny insects like baby crickets or locusts (living).

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