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Camponotus Herculeanus

Camponotus Herculeanus


The Camponotus Herculeanus queen ant is a large, robust species native to Europe and Asia. With a size of up to 20mm, it is one of the largest ant species in Europe. The queen ant is essential for the reproduction of the colony, and can lay up to 15,000 eggs in her lifetime. The colony of Camponotus Herculeanus is known for its strong and aggressive workers, making it an impressive and fascinating species to observe. This queen ant is a great addition to any ant enthusiast's collection.



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Please download the Ants' Care Sheet HERE




We post Royal Mail First Class ONLY.


Guarantee: The queen is guaranteed to be alive on arrival.


In case your queen is DOA please message us.


These ants are not native to the UK and is therefore illegal to release them into the wild.

Contact us and we'll take care of everything.


Thank you

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