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Camponotus singularis

Camponotus singularis


The Camponotus singularis is a stunning species of ant that is highly sought after in the ant-keeping community. This ant species boasts a unique bicoloured appearance with a redhead and black/grey body that is simply mesmerizing. With queens measuring up to 20mm and workers ranging from 10-18mm, these ants are also impressively large. If you're looking for a visually striking and fascinating ant to keep, the Camponotus singularis is an excellent choice. Don't miss out on the chance to add this rare and beautiful species to your collection.


Recommended food: Honey and insects: fruit flies, locusts etc.

Ant farm requirements: Humidity: outworld: 60 - 70%; nest: 60 - 70%. Temperature: outworld: 23 - 32°C; nest: 24- 28°C.

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