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Harvester ants Messor aciculatus

Harvester ants Messor aciculatus


Introducing the Messor aciculatus, a unique and fascinating species of ant that is a must-have for any ant enthusiast. Known for their striking black colour these ants are sure to captivate anyone who sets eyes on them. This species is a true marvel of nature, with intricate patterns and behaviours that are truly mesmerizing to observe. With its strong work ethic and complex social structure, the Messor aciculatus is a wonderful addition to any ant colony. Easy to keep ant species so they are suitable for beginner antkeepers but you must pay attention to better escape prevention. These ants do not sting or spray formic acid. Bring home the beauty and wonder of the Messor aciculatus and experience the joy of observing these incredible creatures in action.

Colony Form:

Please note that these ants are polygenous so multiple queens might live together happily under one roof. The workers are not polymorphic like the other harvester ants and are similar in size from 4mm to 5mm.

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