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Meat Ants Iridomyrmex Purpureus

Meat Ants Iridomyrmex Purpureus


Wonderful and aggressive ants. Fast-growing species. Not suitable for beginners!

Get ready to be amazed by the extraordinary world of ants, specifically the Iridomyrmex Purpureus, better known as the Purple Meat Ants! This ant is a fascinating species that you just can't help but admire. Found primarily in Australia, the Purple Meat Ants are among the world's most unique and captivating insects.Why are they called Purple Meat Ants, you ask? It's all in their appearance! The Iridomyrmex Purpureus has a shiny, metallic purple-blue or green sheen on its black body, which is stunning.The Purple Meat Ants are not just about looks and aggression, though. They have a fascinating social structure and work ethic. They live in large colonies with a single queen and up to 100,000 workers. Imagine that! Thousands of ants work together in perfect harmony to build their community. The workers are hardworking creatures responsible for everything from foraging food to protecting the colony, while the queen's sole job is to lay eggs.What's even more astonishing is their diet! The Iridomyrmex Purpureus is omnivorous but has a preference for meat. They are often seen scavenging on dead animals and can carry loads up to many times their own body weight. It's like watching mini bodybuilders at work!

Temperature requirements: 22-26°C for the Nest, 18-28°C for the Outworld.

Humidity levels: 30-50% within the Nest, 40-60% in the Outworld.

Hibernation: No.

Nutrition: Constant water supply. Carbohydrate sources can be honey or sugar water among others. Protein obtained from live insects or other sources.

Colony structure: Monogyne (a single queen per colony)

Founding Queen: Claustral (no feeding required).

Formicarium: natural setup with sand-loam substrate.

Dimensions: Queen size varies between 12mm-15mmWorker size ranges between 6-10mm.

Defence mechanism: Do not sting or spray acid but are capable of inflicting a painful bite. Be very cautious when handling, we advise using nitrile gloves.

In conclusion, the Iridomyrmex Purpureus - Purple Meat Ants is an awe-inspiring species that truly showcases the wonders of nature. Their vibrant colours, aggressive behaviour, intricate social structure, and impressive strength make them a marvel in the insect kingdom. They may be small, but their impact is mighty!

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