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PTFE Insect-A-Stop Fluon Ants Barrier

PTFE Insect-A-Stop Fluon Ants Barrier


The PTFE Insect-A-Stop Fluon Ants Barrier is a highly effective pest control solution designed to keep ants and other insects at bay. This concentrated insect barrier is made with PTFE, a non-stick material that creates an impenetrable barrier against crawling insects. It can be used indoors and is safe for use around children and pets. Simply apply the barrier around the perimeter of your ant farm to keep ants and other crawling insects from escaping. Say goodbye to pesky ant infestations with the PTFE Insect-A-Stop Fluon Ants Barrier.


How to apply the PTFE Fluon Escape prevention. Video instructions? Click HERE!


INSECT-A-STOP is not a watered-down imitation, it is a full-strength product.


INSECT-A-STOP is a laboratory-grade product used by entomologists worldwide to prevent insects from escaping their container or habitat.

INSECT-A-STOP helps prevent most arthropods from climbing out of traps, cages, or other containers.

INSECT-A-STOP is a milky-white, slippery plastic resin that, once applied to the vertical walls of an insect habitat, pet food bowl, or other plastic, glass, or smooth metal surface, will prevent ants or insects from crawling past the nearly invisible barrier. Once insects reach the barrier, they will slip and fall back to the bottom. Properly maintained, the barrier can last for several months, it is completely non-toxic and can be applied to any smooth surface such as glass, plastic, or metal.

Painted on smooth, clean, dry surfaces insects will not cross the barrier provided by INSECT-A-STOP.

This material is PFOA-free.

INSECT-A-STOP is brushed or wiped onto the inside top portion of the trap or container. The smoother the application the more effective it is. After it has dried, it forms a slick barrier that prevents arthropods from obtaining a foothold on the treated area.

Sometimes sold as 'Fluon®' by other companies.


INSECT-A-STOP is compatible with any smooth surface such as glass, plastic, or polished metals.

Application is recommended by small paintbrush or similar however the method of application and end-use is strictly the responsibility of the end-user.


Thank you.



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