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Test Tube 17 x 150mm for Queen Ants

Test Tube 17 x 150mm for Queen Ants


Are you looking to start your own ant kingdom? Our Queen Ant Test Tube is the perfect solution for starting and monitoring the growth of your ant colony. Measuring 17 x 150mm, this test tube provides ample space for the queen ant and her brood. The clear design allows for easy observation of the ants' activities, making it a great educational tool for both children and adults. Made of durable materials, this test tube is designed to withstand the demands of ant rearing and will provide a safe and comfortable environment for your queen ant. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced antkeeper, our Queen Ant Test Tube is an essential tool for successfully establishing and maintaining a thriving ant colony. Suitable for larger queen ants like most Harvester and Camponotus species. Each test tube comes with 2 organic cotton balls.

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