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Anoplolepis Gracilipes Yellow Crazy Ants care

Anoplolepis Gracilipes, also known as the Yellow Crazy Ants are known for their aggressive behaviour, making them both intriguing and challenging to observe. Their bright yellow colour and fast movements make them a standout addition to any ant farm or display. With their diverse diet and rapid breeding capabilities, these ants are sure to provide endless fascination and entertainment for any ant enthusiast. Bring a bit of excitement into your collection with the captivating Anoplolepis Gracilipes Yellow Crazy Ants.

Renowned for taking advantage of circumstances, this species is often considered a nuisance in numerous regions globally. The astonishing adaptability they exhibit across diverse tropical settings is noteworthy.


They do not hibernate so very active all year round.


Habitat requirements:

Air humidity:   Arena: 50 - 60%; Nestpart: 60 - 70%;

Temperature: Arena: 21 - 30°C;  Nestpart: 23 - 27°C - you will need a heating mat here in the UK!

Kind of Ant Nest: Substrate or Plaster bedding (options with built-up heating).

Outworld size: Medium to Large depending on the colony size

Outworld Substrate: Sand or sand-loam (dry)

Decoration: pebbles, leaflitter, twigs, dried moss etc.

Colony can reach approx. 10,000 workers in the wild only. We've managed to grow a colony of around 3000 workers for 2 years, starting with 7 queens and around 150 workers. Coupled with their pronounced polygynous trait, their colonies possess the capacity to expand at an impressive speed.

The queen's size is 11mm and the workers are small, around 5mm.

They are very good climbers so you will need good escape prevention such as our PTFE Fluon.

Feed them organic honey, and insects (fruit flies, baby crickets, mealworms and locusts). We have upgraded our Protein Jelly formula so it's the perfect substitution for live food.

Find out more about these little beasts in our Blog article: Yellow Crazy Ants Anoplolepis Gracilipes: A How-to Care Guide

Anoplolepis Gracilipes Yellow Crazy Ants

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