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buy Live Queen Ants Farm Ant Accessories Bag at best ants uk

The Live Queen Ant Farm Kit Ants Accessories Bag includes a variety of essential items such as a magnifying glass, watering station test tube with connection, Ant food - organic honey, pipette, tweezers, silicon connecting tube and artificial plant set to suit different ant species. Each item is made with high-quality materials and designed to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your ants. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced ant keeper, our Ant Farm Kit Ants Accessories Bag are a must-have for any ant habitat. Shop now and give your ants the best care possible.


What's included:

- 1x Tweezers

- 1x Plastic pipette
- 1x Connecting Kit

- 1x Magnifying Glass
- 1x Artificial Plants Set

- 1x Organic Honey Ant Food 15mL

- 1x Test tube (Water Station) + Connector


Ant Farm Kit Ants Accessories Bag

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