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A5 Vertical Ant Farm with Humidity and Temperature Meter and sand bed Best Ants UK

The Ant Farm Kit Vertical Live Queen Ant Colony Nest A5 from our collection Large Ant Farm provides the best handmade ecological environment for your pet ants.


How to set up your new ant farm and useful tips?

Find the detailed instruction manual HERE

Options with ant colonies include a queen ant and 10-15 workers.


Please find a Care Sheet for your new ant colony here:

Video instructions?
Please kindly check the “KB ANTS” YouTube review on the link below:

Vertical Ants Nest with H&T Meter and Sand Bed Hybrid Nest Ant Farm Formicarium is formed by acrylic and PLA plastic with sand bedding. The humidity area is filled with natural Greek Sea sponge so humidity lasts longer.

The connection between the nest itself and the humidity area is secured with stainless steel mesh.
Exits are 12mm OD (10mm ID) and could be connected easily with any standard 12mm OD test tube.
It can be easily connected to a water station (also included) or any of our other products.
Please make sure you are keeping your ants in the correct humidity.

A5 Vertical Ant Complete setup contains:
- 1 x Vertical Ants Nest with H&T Meter 200 x 140 x 60mm
- 1x Ant Arena Outworld Formicarium Farm Medium 220x78x95 mm
- 1x Magnifying Glass
- 1x Plastic pipette
- 1x Connecting Kit ( to connect arena to nest)
- 1x 10ml Honey Syrup (Food)
- 1x Water station (Test tube) + connector
- 1x Substrate Bag (approx. 250g)
- 1x Artificial  Plants Set

Ant Farm Kit Vertical Live Queen Ant Colony Nest A5

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