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Camponotus floridanus Florida Carpenter Ant care

Introducing the Camponotus floridanus - Florida Carpenter Ant, a fascinating addition to any ant enthusiast's collection. Very beautiful and aggressive ants. These ants are known for their large size, the queen is huge, 14 to 16 mm and the workers range from 4 to 13 mm in length so very polymorphic and have a distinctive reddish-brown colour. Easy to keep ant species.

These ants have only one queen per colony - Monogyne.

Maintaining the proper temperature and humidity levels is important for the Camponotus floridanus ants' development and colony growth. These ants thrive in warm and humid environments, similar to their natural habitat. Keep the nest temperature within the range of 22-26°C to ensure optimal growth and activity. In the outworld - 21-28°C. Maintaining the nest humidity between 60-70% is essential for the health of your carpenter ants. In the outworld - 50-70% (that's the normal indoor humidity in the UK).

Camponotus floridanus does not need hibernation.

Their colonies can contain thousands of workers, making them a highly organized and efficient species. This species is native to the southeastern United States, including the state of Florida, and can often be found foraging for food in wooded areas and gardens.

The Camponotus floridanus aka Florida Carpenter Ant is also known for its ability to create intricate tunnel systems within wood, making them a unique ant to observe in a captive setting. As with all ants, these creatures require a suitable habitat, food source, and moisture to thrive and are an excellent choice for ant-keeping enthusiasts seeking a visually captivating and active species. Bring a piece of Florida wildlife into your home with the Camponotus floridanus - Florida Carpenter Ant, and experience the wonder of these industrious insects firsthand.

Camponotus floridanus Florida Carpenter Ant

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