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Camponotus Parius Queen Ant with workers Live Queen Ant (see available optoins)


Guarantee: Queen is guaranteed to be alive on arrival.


Latin Name: Camponotus Parius
Trivial name: -
Taxonomy: Subfamily: Formicinae Tribe: Camponotini
Keeping Level: (2) higher requirements for climate and escape prevention
Distribution: Southeast Asia
Habitat: tropical rainforest
Colony form: monogyne
Queen: Size:  14mm Colour: black, silky pilosity on the gaster
Worker: Size: 5 - 10mm Colour: black, silky pilosity on the gaster, polymorph
Soldier: not present
Males: Size: - Colour: -
Nutrition Honey, insects e.g. Dipterans like flies or mosquitos
Air humidity: Arena: 50 - 70% Nestpart: 50 - 70%
Temperature: Arena: 21 - 35°C Nestpart: 24 - 28°C
Hibernation: No
Nest form: Build their nest in soil
Kind of Formicaria: Ytong/Plasternest
Formicaria size: Size:  M - L
Substrate: Farm: Sand-Loam Arena: Sand, Sand-Loam
Planting: similar to a tropical rainforest with moss and tropical plants e.g passiflora
Decoration: Branches, and roots, leave litter

Camponotus Parius is a very common ant species within the

southeast Asian range. Through their golden shining silky pilosity,

they show an interesting contrast to their black body.

They are very active foragers during the day.

Development: mating flight: with begin of the rain season
founding:  claustral (without feeding)
colony size: up to a few 1000 individuals

one fertilized queen with workers (see selection);

brood (depending on the season and development)



Shipping Restrictions: We do not ship live specimens outside of Europe.


These ants are not native to the UK and are therefore illegal to release them into the wild.


Please contact us if you no longer wish to keep them and we will email you a prepaid postage label so you can send them back to us.


Any questions, please let us know.


Thank you

Camponotus Parius

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