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The Heating Mat with Thermostat is perfect for your ant farm and ants nest or if you are keeping exotic or non-native ants in the UK! This large 5V 7W heating mat ensures your ants are kept warm and comfortable at all times. The included thermostat allows you to easily control the temperature and ensure it stays within the optimal range for your ants. With its durable design and easy-to-use features, this heating mat is a must-have for any antkeeper.


The mat operates on 5 volts, making it energy-efficient and completely safe for children and adults alike.


The heating mat provides the following temperatures inside the ant farm:

- Low:          4 to 6 degrees Celsius higher than the ambient temperature

- Middle:    6 to 10 degrees Celsius higher than the ambient temperature

- High:        11 to 17 degrees Celsius higher than the ambient temperature


All the temperature measurements have been taken at 20 degrees Celsius. The temperatures may vary and depend on the Ant Farm's size.


Please NOTE:

You must heat only 1/4 of the ant farm's area or you might cook the ants alive! Avoid heating the watering area to prevent condensation inside the ant nest.

Keep an eye on the ant farm's temperature using an Infrared Thermometer or similar and switch the heating mat off if necessary.

Heating Mat with Thermostat for Ant Farm Ants Nest Large 5V 7W

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