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Messor capitatus - Black Harvester Ants care

Messor capitatus Harvester Live Queen Ant Colony. This ant species is known for its impressive size and incredible strength, making it an excellent choice for those looking to start a new harvester ants colony. With its sleek black body and distinctive shape, this queen ant is sure to stand out in any ant farm or terrarium. Plus, with its high level of productivity and efficient harvesting skills, the Messor capitatus is an excellent choice for those looking to cultivate a thriving ant colony.


This species is a high granivore ant which collects all kinds of small seeds and chews them into so-called ant bread. Most of their water requirements are covered through seeds and insects. Honeywater is only accepted when there is a lack of moisture. Messor capiatus tends to drown in open water so it is necessary to cover waterplaces with little stones or cotton.


Mating flight: September and October after summer rains

Founding:  claustral (without feeding)
Colony size: up to 10.000 Individuals


Queen's size: 12 - 15mm Colour: shiny black

Worker: 4 - 13mm Colour: shiny black

Nutrition: Mostly seeds from different rampant plants (also grass) but insects too

Messor capitatus

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