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Messor Structor care

Messor Structor Polygynous Harvester Queen Ant. This species is a highly granivorous ant which collects all kinds of small seeds and chews them into so-called ant bread. Most of their water requirements are covered through seeds and insects.  Honeywater is only accepted when there is a lack of moisture. Messor structor tends to drown in open water so it is necessary to cover water places with little stones or cotton.


Keeping Level:    EASY- suitable for beginners.  European Species.

Distribution:         Southern Europe, Southerneuropean Peninsula

Habitat:                  Sand- and shrub areas

Colony form:        polygyne

Queen:                   Size: 9,5 - 10,5mm Colour: shiny black

Worker:                  Size: 4 - 9,5mm Colour: shiny black, head reddish brown (major worker)

Soldier:                  not present

Males:                    Size: 7 - 8mm Colour: black

Nutrition               Mostly seeds from different rampant plants (also grass) but insects too

Air humidity:       Arena: 30 - 50% Nestpart: 50 - 70%

Temperature:      Arena: 25 - 30°C Nestpart: 21 - 26°C

Hibernation:        yes, from the end of November until the beginning of March at 15°C


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Messor Structor Polygynous Harvester Queen Ant

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