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Queen Ants Test Tube for sale

Introducing the Queen Ant Test Tube - the perfect way to start your ant colony! Measuring 16 x 100mm, these test tubes provide a spacious and comfortable environment for your queen ant to establish her colony. Made from high-quality, durable materials, this test tube ensures the safety and well-being of your queen ant and her growing brood. The clear design allows for easy monitoring of the colony's progress, making it a great educational tool for ant enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you're a seasoned ant keeper or a beginner, the Queen Ant Test Tube is an essential addition to your ant-keeping supplies. Start your ant colony off on the right foot with this reliable and practical test tube. Suitable for all queen ants like most Lasius, Myrmica, Messor - Harvester and Camponotus species. Each test tube comes with 2 organic cotton balls.

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How long can you keep a queen ant in a test tube?

T To ensure the well-being of the queen ant, she should be placed in a test tube setup, where she can stay for weeks or months until her first group of worker ants, called nanitics, arrive. Antkeepers typically use test tubes to house queen ants because this setup creates an environment similar to an underground chamber, which is ideal for a newly mated queen. You must cover the test tube with tinfoil or similar to ensure the queen's chamber is completely dark.

Queen Ant Test Tube 16 x 100mm

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