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Solenopsis geminata Fire Ants care

Solenopsis geminata! These fire ants are extraordinary creatures that never cease to amaze! These insects, commonly known as fire ants, are small but mighty, and they exhibit some of the most fascinating behaviours in the insect kingdom.

Super fast-growing species! Give them plenty of carbs and proteins and watch them grow to thousands in just a year. Banned in the European Union since the fall of last year 2023. Still permitted for antkeepers in the UK though. Well done Brexit!

Colonies are polygenous (multiple queens) and can reach up to 1.000.000 workers in nature. Fresh queens are fully claustral (do not need feeding until first workers) but we suggest treating them well in captivity so a drop of protein jelly once a week is recommended. The queen's size is around 6-9mm and the workers are small, 3-4mm. The majors are a bit bigger, around 5mm. Solenopsis geminata queen lives 5-7 years, the same as Solenopsis invicta queen and four times longer than the European fire queen ant (Myrmica rubra).

Not suitable for beginners. Solenopsis geminata are cousins to Solenopsis invicta ants, both species are smart and very well-organised ants and will try to escape 24/7, and we can assure you they will escape if they need more fresh water, food or extra space.

An ant escape prevention liquid is a must!

The nest's humidity plays a crucial role in their lifecycle so keep it around 70-80%. The daily temperature should be around 28-30°C and 24-26°C overnight. Regarding the outworld, keep the humidity around 70% along with a constant temperature of around 26°C.

Solenopsis geminata, a species of ant found in tropical and subtropical regions around the globe, mostly in Central America, is a marvellous creation of nature. These ants are renowned for their aggressive behaviour and painful sting. They are indeed fiery little warriors! Despite their tiny size, they are known to take on opponents much larger than themselves – a testament to their bravery and perseverance.

But there's so much more to these ants than just their valiant nature. They are also exceptional engineers, building complex colonies that can house millions of ants! Some of their nests can extend several meters deep into the ground, with a network of tunnels and chambers that would put any architectural marvel to shame.

But what's truly remarkable about Solenopsis geminata is their incredible sense of unity and cooperation. They might be small, but they sure make a big impact!

Solenopsis geminata (Fire Ants)

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