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Solenopsis molesta Thief Ants care

Oh, the fascinating world of ants! Let me introduce you to one of the most intriguing species, Solenopsis molesta! Commonly known as the thief ant, Solenopsis molesta is a tiny, yet incredibly smart and efficient creature. These ants are known for their ability to infiltrate nests of other ants, steal their food, and even kidnap their young! Can you believe it? Such audacity!

Similar to Solenopsis fugax, their European cousins, Solenopsis molesta ants are polygenous (multiple queens) and can reach up to 100.000 workers in nature. Fresh queens are fully claustral (do not need feeding until first workers) but we suggest treating them well in captivity so protein jelly once a week is recommended. The queen's size is just 4-5mm and workers are tiny, 1.5-3mm.

Not suitable for beginners. Very fast-growing escape artists. An ant escape prevention liquid is a must!

Their ability to adapt and thrive in a wide range of environments is a testament to their resilience and ingenuity. The nest's humidity plays a crucial role in their lifecycle so keep it around 60-70%. The daily temperature should be above 26°C and 21-24°C overnight. Regarding the outworld, room temperature 21-26°C and humidity around 50% are just great.

The life cycle of Solenopsis molesta is a marvel in itself. Just like other ants, they have queen ants. However, the queens of Solenopsis molesta are an extraordinary lot. They are the propagators of their colonies and are responsible for laying thousands upon thousands of eggs in their lifetime! And these queen ants are fiercely protected by their loyal soldiers.

However, what truly sets Solenopsis molesta apart is its stealthiness. They are so tiny, golden, less than 3mm, almost invisible to the naked eye, and yet they make a huge impact on their surroundings, just like a secret agent in an action film!

Solenopsis molesta Thief Ants

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