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ant farm for asian weaver ants

Introducing the Ant Farm for Asian Weaver Ants Polyrhachys Dives Nest Formicarium, the perfect set-up for anyone interested in observing these incredible insects up close. This formicarium is designed specifically for weaver ants, providing a spacious and naturalistic environment for them to thrive. The transparent acrylic material allows for easy viewing of the ants as they construct their intricate nests and forage for food. The formicarium comes with all the necessary components for setting up a thriving ant colony, including water tubes, substrates, a weaver ball for nesting,  accessories, foraging and a nesting area. Whether you're a seasoned antkeeper or a beginner looking to start a new hobby, this Ant Farm for Asian Weaver Ants is an ideal choice for keeping and observing weaver ants in a captivating and educational way. The clear acrylic design allows for easy viewing of the ants as they work and care for their brood, making it an engaging and educational experience for all ages. With its natural aesthetic and low-maintenance design, this ant farm is a great addition to any home, office or classroom.


Please watch the video instructions before use.


The Ant Farm for Asian Weaver Ants contains:

- 2x Ant Arena Outworld and Formicarium 220x78x95 mm

- 1x Ant Substrate 250 gr. (approx.)

- 1x Ant Farm Sand loam Substrate 200 gr. (0.2 litre approx.)

- 1x CocoTerra coconut substrate 15 gr. (approx.)
- 1x Magnifying Glass

- 1x Plastic pipette

- 1x Connecting Kit

- 1x 15ml Honey (Food)

- 1x Test tube (Water Station)

- 1x Artificial Plants Set

- 1x Weaver ball (diameter:40-45mm)

- 1x Tweezers

- 4x Connection Tubes



- 1x Polyrhachis dives ant colony (queen ant and 10-20 workers)

- 1x PTFE Floun Ant Escape Prevention Liquid 3.5ml

- 1x Digital Temperature Humidity Meter White or Black (subject to availability)


Read the Article about Polyrhachis dives ants before buying this setup first: Everything You Need to Know About Polyrhachis Dives Weaver Ants

Ant Farm Weaver Ants Polyrhachys Dives Nest Formicarium

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