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Thief Ants Solenopsis molesta

Thief Ants Solenopsis molesta


Solenopsis molesta! Commonly known as the thief ant, Solenopsis molesta is a tiny, yet incredibly smart and efficient creature. These ants are known for their ability to infiltrate nests of other ants, steal their food, and even kidnap their young! Can you believe it? Such audacity!

Not suitable for beginners. Very fast-growing escape artists. An ant escape prevention liquid is a must!

Their ability to adapt and thrive in a wide range of environments is a testament to their resilience and ingenuity. The nest's humidity plays a crucial role in their lifecycle so keep it around 60-70%. The daily temperature should be above 26°C and 21-24°C overnight. Regarding the outworld, room temperature 21-26°C and humidity around 50% are just great.

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