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Anochetus risii care

Anochetus risii is a unique ant species, a delight for the ant-keeper eyes! Anochetus, the thrilling trapjaw ants for sale UK, are a must-have for enthusiasts! These live ants for sale UK showcase one of nature's fastest movements with their lightning-quick mandibles. Found in China to Indonesia often in rainforests and urban parks.

Queen ants for sale UK from this genus are perfect for starting your own colony. Like their cousins Odontomachus, these ants for sale catch small arthropods with incredible speed. Get your queen ants for sale and witness this marvel in your own home! Trapjaw Ants for Sale UK!

Colony form: Monogyne. The queen is 7.5 - 8mm, dark brown with shining yellowish-brown legs. Workers are 5 - 7mm, shining yellowish-brown.

Suitable food: Organic honey and insects like wingless flies, fruit flies and baby crickets.

Ant Farm requirements: Air humidity: Outworld: 50 - 60%; Nest: 65 - 80%; Temperature: Outworld: 21 - 28°C; Nest: 24 - 26°C;

Hibernation: Not needed

Suitable substrate: Sand-Loam

Planting and decoration: Tropical rainforest plants like moss, orchids, twigs, pebbles and tree needles.

Anochetus risii

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