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buy Ant Food Bundle Organic Harvester Messor Ants Seeds and Protein Jelly online

Welcome to our Ant Store, where we provide the best nutrition for your Ants. Ant Food Bundle Organic Seeds and Protein Jelly. Our Harvester Ants Ant Food is a perfect blend of 17 different organic mite-free seeds that fulfil the dietary needs of your ants. The Essential Protein Jelly has been created to stimulate the queen and promote the growth of her babies and adult ants. Our Ant Food is made with natural ingredients to ensure your ants stay healthy and strong.


How to feed your ants Organic Honey and Protein Jelly? Video instructions? Click HERE!


Mixed Seeds 50 grams

We've mixed 17 Different Sorts of Fresh Organic Seeds to make your Harvester Ants nutrition food needs complete. Suitable for any Harvester Ants such as Messor Barbarus, Messor Capitatus, Messor Aciculatus and many more.

Protein Jelly 5ml

Please keep it in the fridge. (2-8 °C)

We recommend using that product once a week for a healthy colony.

Pour a small amount (the amount varies on colony size, so start with smaller and increase if necessary)  over a tiny cotton ball and place it into the ant's outworld.


Perfect for Lasius, Myrmica, Messor, Pheidole, Camponotus (Carpenter ant), Aphaenogaster, Crematogaster species, Trap Jaw Ants (Odontomachus), Harpegnathos Venator, Weever Ants, Leafcutters and many more.

Discard any remains after 2-3 days as it keeps its properties for up to 3 days.

Ant Food Bundle Organic Seeds and Protein Jelly

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