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Camponotus Turkestanus care

Oh, the joy of discovering the Camponotus Turkestanus! This species of ant is truly a phenomenon to behold! Originating from the exotic regions of Turkistan, the Camponotus Turkestanus is a unique blend of strength, resilience and fascinating social behaviour.

What a wonder it is to observe these ants in action! They are the epitome of teamwork and organization, constantly working in harmony to build their nests, gather food and protect their territory. And talk about size - these ants are amongst the largest in the world! The Camponotus Turkestanus queen ants are fully claustral (do not require food until first workers hatch) and can grow up to a staggering length of 12 millimetres! That's colossal when you consider the world of ants! The queen can live up to 20 years in nature and around 10 years in captivity. All exotic (Asian) Carpenter queens lay eggs in batches, from 3 to 12 eggs. Development time is between 4 and 6 weeks, depending on the ant nest's temperature. The warmer the faster.

But it's not just their size that's impressive. It's their coloured bodies that set them apart. The sight of a colony of shimmering Camponotus Turkestanus ants marching in unison is something that truly excites the senses.

The workers display polymorphism, with sizes ranging from 6 to 12mm. They are yellow, similar to the queen.

Camponotus Turkestanus thrive on honey and various insects like fruit flies and crickets. You can also treat them with Protein Jelly, a nutritious substitute for live food.

Maintaining humidity levels of 30-50% in the outworld and 60-70% in the nest area ensures optimal conditions for these ants. Temperature-wise, keep the outworld between 18°C to 35°C and the nest area between 24°C to 28°C.

And here's the best part - these Camponotus Turkestanus ants don't hibernate! Making them an excellent choice for beginners looking for low-maintenance pets.

So here's to the Camponotus Turkestanus, a marvel in the ant kingdom! Their remarkable traits and fascinating lifestyle never cease to amaze us. Truly, the world of ants is full of wonder and excitement, and the Camponotus Turkestanus sits right at its pinnacle!


An article you must read before you step into ant keeping: The Secrets for Carpenter Ants: Understanding Camponotus Ant Colonies Behavior and Habitat


Guarantee: The queen is guaranteed to be alive on arrival.


These ants are not native to the UK so if you do not want to keep and care for them anymore please do not release them into the wild. Contact us and we'll take care of everything.

Camponotus Turkestanus

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